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Friday, August 1, 2008

Ooh Goody :-D

My tax return went in today - only 4 working days after I lodged it, which is a record for my tax lol. I got $4988, which is totally awesome and will mean that I can settle a couple of debts, get totally caught up on my bills, and have a bit left over for spending.


I did a wee bit of spending today lol . . . I completely filled my petrol tank (which cost me something like 80 dollars for 50 litres, and I already had nearly a quarter of a tank full! Yowch!). Then I drove down to Big Country Town and bought myself that electric blanket. $79.95 worth of not getting burned by boiling water and being able to get into a nice warm bed when I get tired! I'm really happy about that :-D


Also on the theme of happiness, I just passed the 1000-word point in my current writing project. It's early days - I've barely written the first scene - but it's a nice psychological point. I like how it's going so far, although I'm itching to get past the 'real world' stuff and get my characters into the alternate dimension, which is where the fun starts!


And it's Saturday tomorrow and I'm sleeping in. YAY.


You can fit 50 liters in your gas tank? Do you drive one of those large commercial 18-wheelers :)?
Haha no . . . it sounds like a lot though doesn't it!

I drive a V6 so it has a pretty big fuel tank, but it's only a sedan (a Toyota Vienta Grande to be precise - a luxury version of the Camry). It's a large sedan but not huge.

I didn't think it'd fit that much in, either!

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