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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


As an Aspie, I have trouble identifying friendship and distinguishing between friendship and polite aquaintance. This has caused me a great deal of embarrassment over the years, when I've either acted shy and stupid when not realising that someone actually liked me, or have appeared rude and presumptuous when I assumed a greater level of friendship than actually existed. This problem has caused some of the most painful experiences of my life.

This year I've struggled with the problem with open eyes, and as previously mentioned I've made pretty sure that C, the other young teacher at my school whom I've bonded really well with, was a real friend and not just using the common politeness that fools Aspies into thinking that people are friendly. It's become pretty obvious even to me that she genuinely likes me - choosing to spend time with me, asking if we can do things together, etc.

This afternoon we had combined our classes for a virtues activity. The chosen virtue was Loyalty, and C was talking to the kids about what makes a loyal friend. She said "It doesn't have to be someone you've known for a long time. Take Miss (my surname) and I . . . I only met Miss (my surname) at the start of this year, but we will probably be friends for life because we've just bonded in such a good way."

If I hadn't been grinning hugely I might have cried right then and there lol.

I'm pretty sure we're friends . . . a speech like that in front of 30 kids is plain enough even for an Aspie like me!


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