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Sunday, August 3, 2008


So much for worrying that the diet wouldn't work. This morning I weighed in at 80.0kg. I've lost 1.4kg! That's 200g a day!

This won't last, of course - that's quite a high rate of weight loss and it will probably grow less as my body gets used to the lower calorie count, and I'll have to drop my number of points eventually. But for a motivational start to the diet - what a first week!

I'm incredibly pleased :-) If I can keep up this rate of weight loss or something close to it, I'll be at my goal weight by Christmas, never mind the 10kg-off goal!

Adding: I was just checking through my weight watchers account online, and discovered that I never updated my occupation type when I restarted last week - I still had it set up as it was when I first joined and was working a desk job. It had "Mostly sitting" as my daily occupation, when it should have been "Occasionally sitting, but mostly standing". I don't get a lot of time to sit down while teaching! This means that I've actually been eating one point too little each day - I was on 21, but I should have been on 22. Oops! I'll probably keep eating 21, since I know I can get by on that much, and save the extra points each week in case I want a Friday night drink or S wants pizza or something.

*hugs Weight Watchers and feels soooo good*


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