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Thursday, August 7, 2008

It's still working . . .

When I was 20 (and weighed much less than I do now, alas), I decided that I was tired of being "the overweight one". I talked to Mum, she gave me all of her weight watchers stuff and taught me how to use it, and I took it on board and stuck to it religiously. The result was that over a couple of months I lost 15 kilograms, weighing about 52kg at my skinniest and fitting into Size 8 clothes.

Of course, life happened, I didn't stick to a maintenance diet, and my weight shot up to what it was a couple of weeks ago. I've made many, many attempts to do weight watchers since then, but I've never managed to make it work. I knew I wasn't doing it well, but I remembered that the first time it had been so easy - I just stuck to the diet and the weight fell off. But when I tried again I couldn't seem to stick to it and the weight certainly didn't fall of . . . I never managed to lose more than a kilo or two.

For whatever reason - motivation, emotional security, or both - I've hit my stride with WW this time like I did when I was 20. The weight is just going and I feel so motivated that I can't imagine breaking the diet for anything.

Last night, S and I had a bit of a fight - as couples do from time to time - and I didn't end up getting to sleep until 3:30am. When I got up this morning, after only 4 hours' sleep, I felt as crappy as you might expect. I had a big day to get through today - assembly and staff meeting, ugh - and before I started dieting I would have tried to use sugar to replace sleep, and scoffed chocolate to keep myself pepped.

I was determined, despite the brain-fug, that I wouldn't wreck the diet just because of one hiccup, so the first thing I did when I got up was to weigh myself, as an extra motivator. I discovered that I have lost another 1.4kg already . . . and I'm still three days away from my weigh-in day! By Sunday I might have lost as much as 1.8 this week. WOO! This was all the motivation I required. I've stuck to weight watchers religiously today (I did take a small piece of cake at morning tea, but that was because a girl in my class brought the cake in because she's leaving, and I didn't want to disappoint her. I've counted the points so that's fine anyway). I've managed a really hard day without stuffing up and I'm proud of myself.

The funny thing is that I'm far less tired and icky-feeling than I would be if I'd been propping myself up with sugar all day. This healthy eating business has its advantages :-D How satisfying!


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