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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Feeling Better

I'm still missing S horribly, but I've managed to have two really good nights' sleep, and yesterday I went to Perth and spent time with Mum - we went to this fantastic bead shop (Galaxy Beads in Morley, for anyone in Perth). They do these private jewellery-making classes - it was just Mum and I - where you pick out the beads you want to make your jewellery from, and they teach you how to do it. The class is supposed to last 1.5 hours but they wil go over if necessary, and the beads are amazingly cheap.

The class costs $10, and then you pay for whatever beads and findings you use, plus anything you want to take away and play with. They have everything, from Swarovski crystals, to glass beads, metal, semi-precious gemstones, wood, shell, coral, polymer clay and even just plain old plastic. Plus all the findings, chains, ribbons etc to put them together.

This is what I made:

Pendant made from a blue and white glass circle bead and one blue Swarovski crystal, plus little silvery bits.

Pendant made from an aqua and white glass heart and a deep peacock Swarovski crystal, plus silvery bits.

Earrings to go with the above: deep peacock glass hearts and one deep peacock and one white Swarovski crystal.

Earrings made from grey glass leaves with a rainbow sheen, and two rainbow-white Swarovski crystals.

Earrings made from two red glass beads, two white Swarovski crystals, and a silver and red crystal rondel.

(Yes, they are genuine Swarovski crystals!).

The total cost of all of these wonderful pieces of jewellery, plus the class, plus some other beads I want to make things with? $30. Mum paid for it, and also bought me a set of pliers, clippers and wire-turners, so that I can make jewellery for myself at home. This was partly because she just really wanted to spend time doing something together, and partly because she's proud of me for losing weight.

Then this morning I finally managed to get to the little local church on a day when there was a service (normally I'm out of town). It was a bit farcical - there were only 7 people there, and I was the only one under 50 - but they were all very nice and I had quite a pleasant time. I've spent the rest of the day so far just doing this and that around the house, making it pleasant and tidy.

So . . . I'm doing alright. I almost got to see S yesterday - I was going to drop in since the bead shop was 15 minutes from his house - but he was sick and advised me not to come anywhere near him. *sigh* Next weekend hopefully.

No weigh-in today, because I'm having a stomach / gut problem that will make any weight on the scales inaccurate in an above-what-it-should-be manner - I won't go into details but you get the idea! Blech. Hopefully it will have eased by tomorrow and I'll have some statistics. I think it's slowed down to a normal 1kg/week rate which is what it should be, but we'll wait and see!


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