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Thursday, July 31, 2008

I love my job . . .

Today was just one of those days when I thank God that I decided to do teaching. Not just because I did it well - I taught a great maths lesson, a great reading lesson and two great music lessons - but because it was rewarding, satisfying and just generally awesome.


In music this term we're going right back to the basics of singing and recorder playing - note recognition, harmonies, listening skills, music reading. Today my 5/6/7 class learned to play and sing  a simple nursery rhyme that uses A, G and E, and then I taught them to sing it in a round with four groups. They did SO well - I felt I'd really achieved something! Then the 2/3/4 class learned an even simpler song involving only C and A. Their recorder playing is still pretty awful but they could hear where it was going wrong, which was an improvement. They only sang a 2-part round but they did it so well that I'm going to try them with a four-part next time. They're making progress in music! Yay! *mentally hugs her kids*


After school I took some of the years 3-7 kids for "Be Active", an after-school healthy eating and sports programme, and taught them to play Danish Rounders, a game which was a staple of my primary school years. They had never heard of it! But it went really well.


We have an interschool cross-country race tomorrow at the local golf course, so I will have no teaching to do at all. Practically the weekend :-D


My body is still screaming at me to eat. I'm at that point in the diet where my body has realised that this isn't just a short phase and it's freaking out - demanding food every second of the day in a frantic effort to get the calorie count it's used to. It's not getting it though! This is quite normal for the second week of a diet and I'm weathering it alright even though it feels rather unpleasant. If I can hang on for just a few more days my body will start to get used to the lower number of calories and will stop badgering me. I'm still feeling pretty tired and cold because of the energy drain that the diet is causing, but while my brain is a little on the fuzzy side, I'm actually feeling more energetic physically. I guess it's because my body a) isn't being weighed down by overeating, and b) wants to move around to get warm to compensate for the cold! I think in a week or two I'll be able to start exercising properly.


I resisted and didn't weigh myself this morning - I will do it as planned on Sunday. I feel like I must have lost weight, but I'm not sure whether that's just because I feel so empty all the time!


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