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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Unexpected Places

Teaching is a many-splendoured thing, and even in a short period of teaching you can encounter a whole range of totally unexpected and out-of-left field experiences.

Our class drew the first assembly this term, and I was fresh out of ideas after last term's extravaganza. The kids were keen to do another play - they're still buzzing with theatrical vibes after doing "The Secret Garden" last term, and besides, they want back into the costume shed :-D. So I got them to collaborate on writing a play, with the sole stipulation that it had to be to do with the environmental challenges facing our world, to tie in with our term theme.

The result, I'm overwhelmingly proud to say, is a short play named "Doctor Who and the Future of Earth", in which Doctor Who and his companion arrive on earth in 2219 (don't ask me why then exactly, they picked it!) to find it desolate, and meet an alien who warns them that the world has been polluted beyond recognition and needs to be saved. The Doctor and his companion then go back to 2008 and meet people from six different continents, who all have their own opinions on how the world has ended up being destroyed. They take all of the 2008 people with them to witness the desolation, and they all agree that a) all of the problems caused the end result, and b) they have to go back and work to prevent it.

It's a neat little play, and I'm rather chuffed at what they've achieved. And delighted that they chose Doctor Who as the vehicle for the play. Awesome kids!

So all of this is the reason why, when the cleaner opened the door of the art room this afternoon, I uttered the immortal line: "don't mind me, I'm just painting a TARDIS".

Unexpected places . . .


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