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Sunday, August 3, 2008


I went for a little walk this afternoon and took a few pictures in my garden and around town . . .

Strange plants in my front yard:

Landscapes on the edge of town:

Awesome flowering sundew in the nature reserve:

Pretty salmon gum in the nature reserve:

I also realised that I've never posted a picture of my awesome car. Here it is (number plate obscured of course). You can see the new frangipani seat covers through the window :-D

And as promised, the inspirational mural I was doing for my wall. I ended up changing the design a bit, and just made two posters that were a mixture of helpful quotes, virtues and photographs of me both overweight and at a good weight, photos of people who love me, and pictures to remind me why I'm doing this - two photos of wedding dresses I adore, and a "Dress My Wedding" screencap!

They look pretty cool pinned to the wall. They're quite large - the bottom edge of the pink cardboard is about a metre across. I also have a graph on a piece of A4 paper stuck to a larger piece of purple card, but that's on the wall next to me rather than the one behind me.


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