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Sunday, February 3, 2008

It's the calm before the storm . . .

. . . which is ironic, since Little Country Town just got hit by one of the strongest thunderstorms I’ve ever seen.

Tomorrow morning at 8:50am, about 11 hours and 10 minutes from now, three year sevens, seven year sixes and six year fives will walk into my classroom, ready for another year of education.

And I’m going to have to teach them something :-/

I’m actually feeling fairly confident in everything except Science – I’ve largely worked out what I’m going to do with them and I certainly know what I’m doing all day tomorrow, which is a start! I just need a good resource for the science of the oceans, but I’ll get that before too long.

Wish me luck!

And before I go, some images from the weekend . . .

Various shots of the complicated clouds on the leading edge of Friday's storm:

I just loved the intensity of colours here . . . the camera has almost captured the real colour of the clouds which is tricky with anything other than the eye!

Pretty flowers at a lookout north of Little Country Town, where S and I went on Saturday:

A screen-shot of lightning from a video I took this evening. The videos weren't too good but I managed to take this screenshot from one of them and thought it was rather impressive :-) I had the camera propped up on my bedroom windowsill filming while I watched from the bed. It's looking south-ish.

Close-up of the lightning:


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