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Thursday, January 31, 2008



I was at school from 8:15 until 5:15 today. About a third of the time was spent on a staff meeting, and the rest of the time I was trekking around between my classroom and the various resource rooms, or clambering up and down off cupboards and desks to put posters up on my walls. I’m beat.

I’m now definitely installed as the Year 5-7 teacher, and I’ll have sixteen kids, currently aged between 9½ and 11½ . I’m also the Class Music teacher for everyone from Year Two upwards: the year 2-4 teacher can’t do music and I’d rather not do Phys Ed whereas she’s very sporty, so I’ll take all of our classes combined for music and she’ll take all of our classes combined for sport, thus giving each other some free time as well.

I’m feeling extremely relieved because the first day was nowhere near as nerve-wracking as I expected it to be. The new principal is fantastic and supportive and as new to Little Country Town as I am, which is great; the other two teachers are just lovely; and the support staff are terrific. I met one of my students, a new girl who was just enrolling today, so I’ll have one familiar face in the classroom on Monday. And I’m now somewhat organised, have some resources to play with, and can get started on making my classroom work. Phew!

But I’m so, so tired!

I still have a very sore throat and a swollen gland in my neck, although I think the gland is a bit less sore and swollen today and I didn’t need as much medication today either, which is a very good sign. It will probably have cleared up completely by the time my doctors’ appointment on Monday rolls around lol. Both Mum and S were panicking that I might have glandular fever (S because two of his previous girlfriends have had it so he’s scared he’s an asymptomatic carrier; and Mum just because she’s a worritt!). But from what I’ve read I’d have lots of swollen glands, exhaustion and fevers with glandular fever. I haven’t had a fever at all as far as I know, and I’ve had my normal levels of energy and have been pretty much carrying on as normal despite the painful throat. So I’m pretty convinced that it’s just tonsillitis or strep throat. Hopefully the doc can make it go away if it doesn’t go on its own!

And in other good news, the education department start paying me a week today. Imminent starvation averted! Lol


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