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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Room to breathe

I was so exhausted and sick yesterday that I didn't even manage a first-day-of-school post. So you're getting two days at once.

Day one went as smoothly and pleasantly as a day one could be expected to go. I was prepared, there were no mishaps, my kids were nice and behaved very well, and although I struggled through the day with the end of tonsillitis and the beginning of bronchitis, it was an all-round good day and I felt very relieved and calm.

Today, if anything, was better. I was more organised and less nervous, and really started to get the hang of the class dynamics and the teaching style I need to use with these kids. They are fantastic kids – most are strong on the essentials and ready for extension, and all but two of them are competent and independent students. My two struggling students (one is just weak, and the other is mildly learning disabled) need support but they’re not badly behaved because of it.

I’m pretty content right now. I’ve rediscovered the reasons why I went into teaching, I’ve got my confidence back, and I’m getting on with it. I’m living in a gorgeous town full of friendly people with a can-do, will-help attitude and plenty of spirit.

The only downer is that S is so far away (nearly 2 hours’ drive). But we talk online every night and we’re seeing each other every weekend, and there’s a strong chance that he’ll be able to stay with me for 8 glorious weeks while doing one of his teaching pracs with one of the other teachers here. I hope that comes through, because I miss him constantly.

I’m very tired and still coughing a lot (the doc gave me antibiotics, yay) but life is definitely looking more promising by the day.

PS: Wow, that was post number #200! Yay for bloggy goodness!


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