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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


The wonderful Registrar at school persuaded the local doctor to squeeze me in during lunchtime today. The doc says that what I've got is a combination of asthma and the bronchitis which hasn't gone away. She's taken a sample of the stuff I'm coughing up (ick) to try to work out why the first antibiotics didn't work. She's prescribed more antibiotics but doesn't want me to take them until that test comes back, and she's also prescribed a cortisone-based preventative inhaler to help with the asthma.


At least I don’t really have to teach tomorrow. Carlene and I are taking everyone from years 2 to 7 to an ocean-themed educational tourist attraction down in Perth, which will take all day (8:30-4:30). Apart from guiding the kids around the various exhibits I won’t really have much to do. Yay!

Today was a long and difficult day because our new class desks finally arrived so my class got commandeered to assist in the assembly and moving of the desks. Then we rehearsed with the principal for Thursday’s assembly until my kids were practically dropping out of their seats. I barely got anything done in the way of teaching at all, and I was just wilting by the end of it.

After school, Carlene and I were figuring out all of the excursion stuff when we spotted a whole stack of stationery supplies in the office. In particular we noticed some big scissors which we’ve both been hanging out for as cutting cardboard with kiddy scissors is no fun at all. We were discussing this and both said “yeah, the little scissors just don’t cut it”. Then we realised the pun and started to giggle. It’d been a long day, that’s our only excuse!

But yay for having a like-minded teacher I can giggle with. As work friends go, Carlene is serious keeper material :-)


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