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Friday, February 22, 2008


Since I moved in to the house in Little Country Town, I haven't been able to get my TV to work. I have this ENORMOUS aerial on my roof but the cable attached to it did absolutely nothing when plugged into my TV.

So there I was sitting in the staff room at lunch time today when the conversation turned to the footy game that's on TV tonight. I lamented that I still didn't have reception and would have to get someone to come in to look at my aerial to work out why it wasn't talking to my TV.

Then Lyn, one of the aides, said: "Don't you have an aerial booster?"
Me: "A what?"
Lyn: "An aerial booster. It plugs in between the aerial cable and the TV and also into the power. It boosts the signal so that your TV can receive from the aerial."
Me: ".........."

So I phoned around to various electronics and TV places during my non-teaching time after lunch, and after school I drove into Big Country Town and spent $30 on an aerial booster. I brought it home, plugged it in, held my breath and . . . voila! Reception on all main channels! *weeps with relief*

I hadn’t really absorbed how much I missed being able to switch the TV on and watch the news, or chill out in front of something mindless for a few minutes, rather than having to deliberately choose a DVD and watch it if I needed time out. It was all kinds of glorious to grab a glass of chilled Tarrango and a few squares of dark chocolate and veg out in front of Better Homes and Gardens. Bliss!


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