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Thursday, February 7, 2008

My job satisfaction . . .

. . . let me show you it.

Honestly, this is how life should be. I drive for less than a minute to get to work at 8am, getting there plenty early enough to do all the necessary preparation (photocopying etc) for the school day. I teach 14 fantastic kids from 8:50am to 3:00pm – I’m incredibly privileged in that while three of my pupils regularly annoy me, I am able to genuinely like all 14 of them for their different reasons. I also get to teach music to about 33 kids at once on Thursdays, which is an incredible experience and one I thoroughly enjoy. I had a little percussion orchestra going today – what a thrill!

After school I stay until about 5pm, planning and programming and copying. Then I check my post office box (no postal delivery here, the town is too small!), pick up any groceries I need, go home, cook dinner and check my message boards etc. Then I put on a DVD (my TV reception doesn’t work yet, need to figure that out!) and eat dinner then do any marking or pen-work that needs to be done. After the DVD I come in here, play around on the computer, do anything that needs doing before the next day, and talk to S via webcam until bedtime.

The only bad thing about any of this is that S isn’t right here with me. Otherwise . . . damn it’s good! I’m finally starting to get into a rhythm in my life and I’m getting things done that I could never get done before. Now to tackle exercise and daily housework, as soon as the bronchitis stops constricting my chest . . .!

On a more sour note, arrangements have fallen through due to a pregnancy (NOT MINE!) so that S won’t be able to do his prac with a teacher at my school. However we’re hoping that his prac co-ordinator will be able to arrange for him to do his prac at one of the ten neighbouring schools. But we can’t do anything towards organising it – we’ll just have to cross our fingers.

And on another note again, it was cool and humid today (the first day under 30 C since I moved here!) and it’s rained on and off all evening. We had some very heavy rain for a while, and I discovered – the hard way – that hard rain and a driving wind result in a small drippy leak around the flue of my pot-belly stove, and a great pouring leak under the eaves of my kitchen, right above the sink, which unfortunately has a slightly raised lip where it meets the bench, which means that the water cascaded off the bench onto the floor instead of draining into the sink. Grr. So I found my kitchen partially awash and have had to listen to my flue dripping all evening. But it seems to be drying up a bit now thankfully!

Some pictures of the puddles and rivulets at the height of the rainstorm . . .

My car got its very own lake! I hope it's not still marooned in the middle of it tomorrow morning.

It's funny, because ever since I got here, Little Country Town's weather has been hot and very dry, except for during the thunderstorms, when it was hot and humid, and the rain that fell evaporated as it fell. Yet Little Country Town's roads have these really deep stormwater drains alongside them. Now I know why! When it rains, it seriously rains lol.


We got some rain like that... Only ours was 12+ inches in 36 hours. :-/

Yikes! about the kitchen! I hope nothing too bad comes of it.

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