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Monday, February 18, 2008

Learning Cuuuuuurve

You've got to imagine the curve as you say it outloud, see . . . cuuuuuurve.

I'm taking my kids into Perth on Wednesday so that they can attend a dance workshop of a sort which isn't available in Little Country Town. We have to leave early because of the travel time, so this afternoon I've phoned all of the parents of the kids in my class to check that they can get them to school at 7:30am on Wednesday.

So I've spent the whole afternoon going "Hi, it's Christine Surname here, Xxxxx's teacher . . ."

I don't even really believe deep down that I'm a grownup. It is SO WEIRD to introduce myself to a stranger as being their son/daughter's teacher!

I'm learning so much right now - about people, about schools, about teaching, about learning, about myself. And my goodness I'm enjoying it. It's not easy - I'm tired a lot and the whole S-is-miles-away situation is wearing me down (sorry, recurring theme, I know!) - and there's so much potential for me to mess things up or offend someone or just plain get it wrong.

But . . .so far I haven't. So far I've got it right. So far it's working.

So far so good! Minor headspins complimentary.

PS: I have a protagonist. Her name is Rosalie Forrest and she's 10 years old, born sometime around 1880. Her siblings are Thomas (older), Maxwell, Jane and Susan "Sunny" (younger). I've been dying to use Susan "Sunny" for ages and I'm so glad she's found her way into this story! They live in Perth in the 1890s and are faced with a crisis when their mother falls ill while their father is overseas on business, and their overwhelmed young aunt who is looking after Mama decides to spread the children around with friends and relatives, separating them for the first time in their lives. Fun and fantasy ensues :-) Stay tuned!


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