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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fish and kittens

Today, Carlene and I took our combined classes (30 kids aged 6-11) to AQWA on our very firstest excursion. It went off splendidly and I wish I could post some of the cute photos of my kids. Most of them had never been to AQWA so it was a fantastic learning experience and they got to see and do some really different stuff, like touching sting rays and Port Jackson sharks and starfish. The day went incredibly smoothly – no lost children, no serious misbehaviour, and no injuries, hurrah! We left at 8:30, got there at 11am, left again at 2pm and were home at 4:30, all as planned, but I’m sooo tired. Much more tired than if I’d been teaching all day. Carlene and I sat with the registrar and chatted afterwards, and I noticed that I was shaking like a leaf. I’m not sure why – the heat, the tiredness, low sugar – but it was not nice!

So, a success, but a bloody exhausting one.


For the last four nights, I’ve dreamed about kittens. I don’t remember the first and fourth nights’ dreams, I just woke up with kittens on my mind. The second night I dreamed that I was at the shopping centre and every single shop was selling kittens – the hairdresser, the florist, jewellery shops, clothing shops, they all had cages of kittens out the front. And the third night I dreamed that as well as Jemima I had a grey tabby kitten named Amelia (which is a name I love for a child, not a cat!).

Now, the reason for this dream sequence could be simple – my subconscious wanting to get another itty-bitty-kitten now that Jem is nearly a fully-grown cat (an adorable one, mind; even if she did just attack my feet). I’m very happy just with Jem and have no idea how she’d react to an adopted baby brother or sister, so I’m not planning on getting one.

But given how many dreams I’ve had about this, I think it must be something a little more intense than vaguely wanting a kitten around. Anyone care to analyse my excess of dream kitties? 


Well,as is said, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, so perhaps a kitten is just a kitten! However,will try-
1.-I think you've mentioned that you feel ready to start a family. and as you 've been spending time with S., you would naturally think more about this, even if it isn't pratical just now. You dreamed kittens, not cats, so maybe those are the children you are impatiently waiting for.
2.-you do spend your working day with children (kids)-so, an abundance of kittens! (also "k".) Dreams can be tricksters sometimes. And even resort to plays on words. One thing to note about dreams is the *tone* it happy, peaceful, anxious, worrisome?This seemed not to be an unpleasant dream.
I'm so glad the field trip went well. It's great that the children from a small place can have these experiences. I've taken such trips with school children,as a teaching assistant-fun but wearing-you are always fearful of a child straying of and getting lost, you feel so responsible.
I'm having trouble getting this acepted, so will choose Anonymous, however, not so, this is Tassiegirl.

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