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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

This and that

I got a compliment from Dad yesterday. He was talking about someone annoyingly passive, and then he said, referring to me: “With you, you might not achieve something the first three times, but there’s always a sense that you’ll keep going and there’ll be a 27th time and suddenly, crack, you’ll do it.” By which he means that I’m persistent and always keep working until I get where I’m trying to go. I thought that was rather nice :-D


I’m feeling a bit sore and sorry for myself – for some reason a tendon in my right ankle has become inflamed, and of course the physio wanted to poke and prod it to find out what the problem was. It’s all taped up now, and I have to wear extremely sensible shoes for a couple of weeks. No ballet flats for me! Plus I have to have it poked and prodded again next week. Stupid ankle.


I forgot to mention this but the house I was looking at moving to, mentioned in previous posts, turned out to be perfect, and I’m moving in two and a half weeks (probably on April 1st). I can’t wait – transport to uni and work is going to be much, much easier from the new place, as are other little things like going out in the city of an evening, and getting to the Cathedral on Sundays and in particular for all of the services at odd times that are coming up at Easter. The only Easter services I’ve ever been to were either a) ones at which I was an alter server or pastoral assistant, or b) the one at which I was baptised and confirmed. I’ve never got to sit back and enjoy them, and I’m determined to do that this year.

I think that’s all for today!


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