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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Last Saturday, a big storm went over parts of Perth, and it happened to come down full force on my mother and stepfather’s house. Their roof always leaks in hard rain (the tiles are old, the house needs re-roofing) and this time it did its best, leaking in a place it’s never leaked before, and drenching Mum’s entire very expensive computer setup. Thankfully the only thing that died was her keyboard, but she was very upset and panicky about it. Halfway through the mop-up, my stepdad James, who is in the SES (State Emergency Service), was called out to help secure other storm-damaged houses. Mum was very upset that he was going off with the SES and leaving her with the house in that state.

Mum: “Well what am I supposed to do if it starts raining again and we get another leak?”
James: “Phone the SES?”

Even Mum had to admit that was funny :-D


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