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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The antics of Jem

I’ve noticed, as Jemima’s personality is developing beyond the kitten stage, that she is a very vocal cat. This is possibly because I talk to her constantly! She has a meow for every occasion, and I’m starting to understand what she means some of the time, although some of her little communications are still mysterious to me.

I’ve finally found a brand of wet food that she likes, and I’ve noticed that once she’s realised that I’m getting her tin ready (usually around 6pm) she can be very sharp-tongued about any delay lol.

She amused me greatly the other day – I was at the laundry tub washing her bowl ready for her meal, when she leapt a good metre off the ground on to the lip of the tub, which is only a couple of centimeters wide, and managed to aim herself so she landed right under my arm where she could look into the sink. It was a fantastic jump and incredibly cute.

I love my kitty


Hey, good luck moving this weekend, Christine - I'd offer to help, but we're a little booked up at the moment.


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