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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Moving tomorrow

This is going to be my last post before I move, and probably my last until the middle of next week, as I won’t have internet at home for a few days until my housemate’s boyfriend can make the house’s wireless network accept my computer.

Dad and I took a large van, trailer and car load down today, which turned out to be about half of what needed to go, but I’ve still got several hours’ packing to do tonight – mostly kitchenware, random bedroom items, some ornaments, and framed pictures. I’m going to be working until midnight, I’m sure, and I’m already exhausted.

I had a horrible time getting Jemima to the vet this morning – possibly the scariest drive of my life. Firstly she didn’t want to go at all, as she’d been in a manic mood all morning and was enjoying running full pelt around the place. So she was not pleased at all to be shoved into a carry case. About 5 minutes into the drive she managed to get part of the case’s system of zippers and velcro open, and stuck her head out of the case, which was on the floor in front of the passenger seat. I had to stop – in a lane, as there was no emergency lane – and put her back in.

I tried to block her from getting out with various things, but as I was pulling on to the highway she got out again. Luckily there was an emergency lane there, and I stopped and put her back in again. I noticed that inside the carry-case there was a small tether designed to clip on to a collar. I clipped her into it, shut everything up, and took off again. Within minutes she’d managed to get out again as far as the tether would let her. We drove the rest of the way with Jemima resting her upper body and head on the flat place in front of the gear stick. She was curious about what my feet were doing, and kept trying to get closer, so at the traffic lights I kept having to push her back towards the passenger side. And she took a swipe at my leg at one point (drawing blood even through my jeans, I discovered later!).

By the time I got to the vet, having gone the long way there because I was too scared to go on the freeway with Jem potentially able to get loose, I was half an hour late for my appointment and totally frazzled. I’d managed to phone to say I’d be late, and they were very kind about the frazzlement. I bought a good old-fashioned cardboard carrier to bring her home in, although she ripped into that with her claws and did nearly manage to get loose just as I got home. Tomorrow she’s going inside Case 1 then Case 2 then an ordinary cardboard box with a few small holes drilled in it and the top taped down. I’m not playing that game again! 

The good news is that the vet says Jemima is in perfect health, and she’s now up-to-date with all her immunisations, worming, flea treatments etc. And I think she’s even speaking to me again lol.


Good luck! You've inspired me to start packing now, instead of later.

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