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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ooh, yep, it's Autumn

Only a little over a week ago, I was sleeping with the fan on and the windows wide open to try to cool my hot, stuffy room to the point where I could sleep. But the last few mornings it’s been chilly and crisp, and last night I had to put the fan away and break out the heater for the first time this year. It won’t be long until it’s time for the hot water bottle to make an appearance.

I love the early days of Autumn. The skies are clear and richly blue and the sun is warm, but a cool southerly breeze keeps the temperature pleasant. I wish I could go sit in Kings Park and write instead of being stuck in my house packing!

The temptation to skive off packing and go enjoy the day is especially strong as I picked up the hire car this morning, so I’m mobile. I’m hiring it until Monday to help with all of the errand-running and small-item shifting I’ve got to do before and during the move, not to mention taking Jemima to the vet and a few other things that you just can’t do on the bus!

But, alas, I have far too much to do to go off and be a nature spirit for a day. The packing is going slowly due to my demotivation and apathy towards the whole moving process. Blech. There’s nothing complicated left to do, I just have to put things into boxes with some minimal sorting of types of things, but I’m finding it hard to keep going and not get distracted.

I’m looking forward to being in the new house, though. It’s the closest I’ve ever lived to the CBD, and I’m going to enjoy the convenience. And the bus goes right past the Perth Zoo! I haven’t been to the zoo for many years – I can’t think how many years, or even why and with whom I was last there – so I’m hoping to get there sometime while I’m living so close. Maybe I should try to convince my fellow grad-dip-ers that a picnic at the zoo will be the perfect post-exam de-stresser.  

The savvy amongst you will realise that this post itself is a procrastination tool. Back to it, Christine!


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