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Monday, March 19, 2007

And so it begins . . .

My two-week study break began today, and with it the sorting and packing begins in earnest. I’m determined to de-clutter and get rid of a whole lot of stuff I just don’t need before this move, although I have my doubts about whether I’ll really manage to get rid of many of the multitudinous mathoms I’ve acquired over the years. At the very least I hope to divest myself of a few small mountains of paper and some clothes I never wear. But it all takes time and energy.

I have to be careful not to spend so much time sorting that I run out of packing time. I have two weeks to pack everything I’m taking with me to the new house, but everything that won’t fit there, either in the house or in the storage room out the back, is going to Mum’s this coming weekend. That includes stuff like my washing machine, kitchen table, couch, entertainment unit, etc . . . so I have to be totally organised by this weekend so that nothing major gets left behind. I have a little leeway because I’ll be hiring a car twice next week (once during the week and once over the moving weekend) so I can run small stuff up to Mum’s if needs be, but still . . . I have lots to do, and I’m working Friday and Saturday.

It’s hot and humid in Perth at the moment – very unpleasant weather for hard physical work. I suppose a cold spell for my convenience would have been too much to expect in March!

Here’s some assorted photos from recent times:

Jemima nestled into Joneen’s cushion on the couch, before Joneen moved:

A very impressive cloud that built up to the north-west before a storm in January:

Jemima decided that the bathroom sink was a fun place to play – she would curl up in it and attack her tail:

Jemima cutely deciding that the sink was an ideal place from which to attack the camera:

Taken today, Jemima escaping from the heat by stretching out under the bathroom sink:

I need to remember to take photos of things other than my cat :-D


Thanks for the tips :-)

My moving process is pretty streamlined - this will be my twelfth move in the last 10.5 years so I've got it down to a fine art.

I label each box with a coloured sticker - depending on the move, they might be colour coded for how soon they'll be needed, or for where they're going, etc. This move I'm coding 'yellow' for going to my house and 'green' for being stored at Mum's. In the middle of the coloured sticker is written a box number, and on the top of each box is written the room it's going in. Then, in a small notebook, I write down the exact contents of each box, by number.

It's efficient and clear, and means that things rarely get misplaced.

My other tip, to any movers out there, is: don't pack straight in to boxes. Get big garbage bags and line every box, or bag things in plastic then pack the bags. If it rains on moving day, you'll thank me! And you can use the bags afterwards to collect up and throw away all the packing material, so they won't be wasted.

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