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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Haha . . . ooops . . .

Daylight savings ended in Western Australia today. I knew that yesterday, but when I woke up this morning, planning a very long and full day of packing, I totally forgot about it.

My stepfather is due here at 3pm to pick up all of the stuff that won’t fit at the new house. At what *I* thought was 3:20pm, I gave up waiting, decided that the only way to make him turn up would be to do something else, and switched my computer on.

When I switched it on, of course, the time in the corner was 2:26pm. I realised right away what I’d done, and laughed until I cried. Of course, my stepdad wasn’t late – he wasn’t even due for another 35 minutes!

At least I phoned at what I thought was 9am this morning to confirm times, instead of what I thought was 8am. My parents are early risers, but even for them 7am on a Sunday is not phone call time.

And YAY, daylight savings is over! I hate it with a passion and hope it never comes back.


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