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Thursday, November 6, 2008

So . . .

. . . there's over-the-counter sleeping tablets. Thank God.

I couldn't get a doctor's appointment until Monday so I went to the chemist, and he gave me these tablets that used to be used as antihistamines until they figured out how to make antihistamines that don't completely knock you unconscious lol. The tablets are just used to help people to sleep these days. And they WORK. I took one twenty minutes before I wanted to fall asleep last night, and right on the dot I was out like a light and only stirred when the cat licked my nose about ten minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off. I had about 8 hours sleep and I've felt SO much better today - not dozy at all, and with quite a bit of energy. Hey, this "good night's sleep" thing really works. Who knew?

We were supposed to have school photos today but they were cancelled because the photographer was rushed to hospital in a critically ill condition. Oops. They've been rescheduled for two weeks' time.


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