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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


As a society, we don't do pride in ourselves well. We like others to be proud of us - our society is in part based around gaining the acclaim of others - but we bridle and snark and scoff when we see people being proud of themselves.

Bragging and self-importance, of course, are obnoxious and annoying. But simple pride in one's own achievements - what is wrong with that?

I chatted to Mum on the phone this evening, and she told me how proud she was of me for how I've dealt with the breakup, how I'm rebuilding my life and adding to it all the time, how I've gone out and found things like the choir and the uni degree to keep me moving forward, and how I'm able to give her advice and insights that blows her - an extremely capable, savvy and introspective woman - away.

And you know what?


I'm PROUD that I'm doing my grief work and my repair work and I'm dealing with my "stuff".
I'm PROUD that I'm out there in the community giving and receiving the gift of music.
I'm PROUD that I'm getting my house and work under control and making good decisions like using enviro-friendly products and unplugging the clothes dryer in favour of the washing line.
I'm PROUD that I'm going to continue my education and get a degree that is perfect for me.
I'm PROUD that I'm dieting and doing well and losing weight gradually.
I'm PROUD that I'm a strong, educated, intelligent woman with so much to offer, and the willingness and ability to offer it.

. . . SO THERE. :-)


One of the things I appreciate in you is that you are so conscious about yourself. You recognise your flaws, and do sg about it. You can certainly be proud of it.

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