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Sunday, November 16, 2008


When S and I broke up for real and I was on holidays, I fell off the weight-loss wagon a bit. I was doing alright, and I didn't put any back on, but I just couldn't quite get my act together. Ever since, I've been fluctuating maddeningly between 73.4 and 74, up and down like a yo-yo.

It started to drop in the last couple of weeks, dropping down to 73.2 a few times, but it still didn't feel like progress.

Today, FINALLY, I broke through, and weighed in at 72.8 Hurrah! I've also now lost 10% of my total body weight, which is AWESOME. I've lost 8.6kg. I only need to lose another 13kg to have a healthy BMI again, and another 20kg would make me stunning. Somewhere in between is probably where I'll end up!

So it's back on track and I'm feeling motivated again. I still want to reach my goal weight by July next year at the most, and Easter for preference. And I'm still hoping to be in the 60s by Christmas. I think I can I think I can . . .


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