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Friday, October 3, 2008

Sometimes . . .

. . . all you can do in response to people is stare, shrug and move on.

Yesterday afternoon I arranged to go to S's house and drop off the stuff of his that I still had, and get back some stuff of mine. At first he was all "oh I won't be home for an hour" so I said that I would drop his stuff in his garage and get my stuff another time. So then he said "oh well if I'm back before you get there then I'll leave your stuff out for you".

. . .

He was out for the next hour, but could be back within 20 minutes to get my stuff out, but couldn't be there in 20 minutes to meet me.


So I figured he was just trying to avoid seeing me, and that's fair enough. When I got there it was quite obviously contrived - his car was there and his housemate's too, but neither S nor the housemate was anywhere to be seen. I guess they went for a walk or were hiding in the house. Inside the garage I found a pile of four textbooks belonging to me. I took those, left his stuff, and went on my way.

I didn't check my phone at all yesterday evening, so I didn't find the text he sent last night until this morning. I'll quote it:

Thanks for the stuff. I'd given some of it to you as presents, but obviously you didn't want them. I didn't think all of those books were yours? I left a small pile out there for you to sort through.

I just stared at the message, thinking "umm, duh?". Obviously I didn't want the stuff I gave back . . . it was a book he lent me that I didn't enjoy, several pirated DVDs I didn't want in the first place (I don't believe in illegal DVDs but he would have chucked a hissy fit if I didn't accept them), a ceramic artwork he made, and a blockmounted poster he lent me. None of that was stuff I was going to keep whether it was gifted or not. As for my books . . . he never said that the pile was for me to sort through, just that he'd leave my stuff out. And as it happened I did sort through, and they were all mine! Or I wouldn't have taken them!

I didn't reply right away because it was way too early in the morning, and since I was heading straight to Mum's I thought I'd talk it over with her. We decided that I wasn't going to reply at all. Whether the message was a last-minute attempt to stay in touch, or a nasty dig at me for wanting to call off the relationship without any further attempts, or whether it was just honest bewilderment because he was not using his brain . . . I can't fathom what it was intended to achieve and so I'm just going to ignore it. He can figure it out for himself. I don't intend to have any further contact with him unless it's unavoidable for some reason. Thankfully we have no friends in common and can just stay naturally apart. As far as I'm concerned, we have nothing more to say.

The rest of yesterday was rather satisfactory. I got my hair cut in the morning, then headed down to Perth to see the dentist. I thought I was going to get yelled at and told I had heaps of cavities. On the contrary, my x-rays and examination turned up no work needing to be done at all, apart from the chipped tooth! She filled the tooth on the spot, so well that it looks smoother than it did before it was chipped - you wouldn't even know it was filled! - gave me a complete clean and a fluoride treatment, and sent me on my way with nothing but a recommendation to come back next year for a clean & scale. Woohoo!

Then it was over to the counsellor, who is immensely proud of me for breaking up with S properly and moving on (and also said I look fantastic lol - between my freshly cut hair, freshly cleaned teeth, nails that were painted for once, and the glow of being 100% happily single, I did look pretty good!). Then I went to the physio, who fixed up the neck and back pain I've had for the past week since I stupidly demonstrated how to bowl a cricket ball without warming up first. Next came the exchange with S, and then I went to have dinner and stay over with L, a friend from high school. We had a great evening and went to visit our other friend J too, and I had an awesome time.

This morning I went to Mum's as I mentioned, and she took some photos of me to show how much weight I've lost - I might put a before and after on here! Still plenty to go but I'm doing well although I've had a bad couple of weeks. I haven't put any back on but I've plateaud because of the amount of eating out I've done. Back on a strict diet from this evening! Then I drove up to a town north of here to perform with the choir. It was good fun and I think we sang well.

So all in all, despite strange and obtuse ex-boyfriends, I've had a really nice couple of days, and now I'm vegging out as hard as I possibly can hehe.


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