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Saturday, October 25, 2008


As a result of all the therapy, reading and intensive self-help work I've been doing, I've been making a few decisions lately centring around building my own life and getting on with living it, regardless of what anyone else is doing. One decision I've made as a result is that I'm getting a kitten in December. I want more pets :-) I'm tossing up between a grey tabby or a black and white one. Wait and see what's available at the time, I guess!

The other decision is that I'm going back to uni. Don't panic, though, I'm not giving up teaching lol. For a while now I've been saying that when I'm staying at home with small kids I'll go back to uni externally and do another Bachelors degree part-time. I'd decided to major in creative writing and minor in web computing or theology, depending on my mood! Well, I've come to the realisation that I REALLY want to do that degree for its own sake, not just as an intellectual challenge. I WANT my BA Hons in creative writing, and I WANT to be able to program enough to create webpages and write basic Java applications. Those are things I have identified as personal goals, and to hell with waiting. I have enough free time in my evenings to be doing two external units a semester now.

So, I'm enrolling in an external BA in Creative Arts at Murdoch Uni, to start in February / March next year. I'll probably get advanced standing for the whole of first year, because I've already got three degrees, but I will still need to do several first year units as prerequisites for later units. In the first semester I'll probably take ICT 102 (Intro to Computer Science) and EGL 114 (Intro to Creative Arts). Second semester will be ICT 108 (Intro to Multimedia and the Internet) and EGL 122 (Creative Writing: Text and Practice I).



Haha yeah I'm a bit of a university junkie. I love studying! If money wasn't an issue I'd just do degree after degree. Lotto dream, maybe? Lol.

I can only do this one because I'll be working full-time, though. No going back to the student lifestyle for me at this point!
well i enrolled in uni earlier this year (via open universities) but with the wedding plans it was waaayyyy too hectic so i withdrew.
maybe i might go back to it next year, i'd actually really like to, it's just that i lack drive.

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