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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Two very long weeks

It's the last day of the holidays, and I've got a sore neck and shoulders from sleeping badly, and a sore throat for no apparent reason. I'm having trouble picturing myself back at work tomorrow. Thankfully the kids don't start until Tuesday - tomorrow is a staff development day when we will be planning for next year. But still . . . I'm not sure I'm ready to go back to work.

I've had some great times over these holidays - catching up with friends, going to parties, performing with the choir, and yesterday, going to the races in a country town and getting through to the second round of 'Fashions in the Field' (!!). And of course the days of getting stuff done around the house, and the times when I was just sitting around relaxing.

But the not-so-great stuff . . .
- Permanently splitting up with S, and the various emotional tempests associated with it
- Chipping a tooth (and paying up for getting it fixed!)
- Dealing with the weird swap-back of stuff with S
- Dad and stepmum splitting up
- Finding out that Mum's family cat, Mia, who is 11 and has cancer, will finally have to be put down. We've had her since I was in high school and I picked her in the first place so I'm very sad about that.
- Jemima's own medical emergency (a scratch to her eye) and the associated vet bill. She will be fine, she just has to have medication put in her eye for a week. Made Friday night and Saturday morning very stressful!

This has really been an astonishingly full holiday. I've been so happy, and so sad, and overall so very confused! So much crammed into two weeks . . . I feel like the world has been saving it up and dumped everything on me in one short period! Hopefully Term 4 will be nice and calm lol. And then it's Christmas, and a whole 6 weeks of holidays! Hurrah!


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