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Monday, September 8, 2008

Nice :-)

I've now lost about 6 kilos (I didn't weigh in this week because I wasn't at home over the weekend) and it's really starting to show. I had to buy new jeans on the weekend because my old ones were absurdly large. Myer had a sale on and I managed to snag $70 jeans for $30, yay! I also finally picked up my contacts on the weekend and I'm planning to wear them pretty much every day, unless it's a weekend day when I'm not planning to leave the house much. And people are noticing. At the family party on Saturday night several aunts, uncles and cousins commented on how well I was looking, and the same with some of the staff at school today.

The weight I've already lost is mking me feel much more energetic - I found myself spontaneously breaking into theatrical dance to some of the songs from "Mamma Mia!" yesterday, something I haven't felt comfortable doing for ages. And the contacts are forcing me to remember to drink water - I'm really bad at making sure that I have a water bottle in my classroom, but I can't neglect drinking while I'm teaching if it means that my contacts are going to go sticky and either blur or get uncomfortable! 

It's all kind of coming together, which is great. Now to get the exercise happening regularly and I'll really be on the way to permanent success.


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