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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I joined a choir!

I'm feeling a lot better today than I did yesterday. The headache has finally eased off a bit, thank goodness, and I've brought my worries under control. Own your mistakes, do what you can to repair them, and give the rest to God . . . that's the formula that has worked for me today. Things aren't perfect, but I can breathe again.

Anyways, after I realised that I didn't want to be with S any more and that I was going to be staying in Little Country Town for the time being, I looked up a few of the community organisations that I was keen to be involved in back when I first ranked the schools. The town half an hour north of here was my first choice because it had a choir and a theatre group, and I decided that since I'm going to live here for a few years I was going to put down roots for a while. So, I phoned the guy who runs the choir and found out where and when. Tonight was my first practice session, and I feel so good! We sang quite a few different songs, including a few that I knew and could sing along to without music. We sang a few rounds as warm-ups, which were fun, a sweet little hymn, a few Australian songs (including 'I Still Call Australia Home' which I love and have been longing to sing) and a couple of show tunes. It was fantastic, and I've been invited to participate in their next performance, which is only next week! We'll be singing 'My Country' and 'I Still Call Australia Home' at the regional judging of the Tidy Towns competition. I'm just thrilled. 

And *then* they found out that I play the flute as well, and they went crazy with plans. In November we're performing at some sort of nature festival thing that the town is having, and they've decided that a solo flute playing in the background would be perfect for when people are arriving and settling in. I'm going to have to start practicing up a few tunes! I've already decided that I'll start with 'Colours of the Wind' from Pocahontas - it's beautiful, it'll sound haunting in an outdoor setting, and it's about nature. Perfect!

And . . . I'M DOING MUSIC AGAIN! NOT JUST TEACHING, BUT DOING! *Tears of joy*. I hadn't really realised how much I missed it, it's been such a long time (2004 was the last time I played or sang in an ensemble!). I'm a touch rusty, but I'll brush up quick enough.

Thank God for opportunities like this. It's so much fun, and it's also making Christmas sparkle in my mind - I have no doubt that the choir does Christmas performances. A solid-gold excuse to sing Christmas carols pretty near constantly - what more could a girl want?



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