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Sunday, December 23, 2007


I’m strangely happy at the moment. It’s a weird sort of a feeling, I’m just floating above anything that might really worry and upset me.

There’s been a few things that would normally have riled me up (silly people!) or upset me (other peoples’ babies, everywhere) but while I’ve still felt those emotions, I’ve felt amused and merry over the top of them. I know that doesn’t make sense lol. But I guess I’m just finding that life at the moment is good and pleasant, and no matter what goes wrong, things will be sorted out somehow. I’m coping with difficulties wonderfully, and finding that some things just fail to bother me. Almost as if I can’t be bothered getting annoyed and refuse to spoil my mood by doing so!

It’s a good feeling.

Check out this neat video: it’s a house right here in Perth. Must be watched with speakers / headphones on as sound is essential.

PS: Dad and Stepmum have apparently patched things up, and all seems okay on that front. I'm glad . . . Christmas is not the right time for that!


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