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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Birthday Coolness

The first of my birthday celebrations happened today (two days early). At lunchtime we had my grandparents over for lunch (baked ham, yorkshire puddings, roast veggies etc . . . with Black Forest cherry cake and icecream for dessert, yum).

My grandmother gave me a lovely hardcover edition of Dickens' "A Christmas Carol", which is something I wouldn't buy for myself, plus the Folio Society diary, which she's got me three years running - they're illustrated diaries and they bring out a completely differently themed one each year. 2006 was the Orient, 2007 was about significant moments in art and history, and 2008 is about literature illustrations, with a huge range of illustrations drawn from Folio Society editions of classic books. It's cool :-D

My brother and his girlfriend, who won't see me on my birthday as they don't live here, gave me the board game Balderdash, which is a vocabulary and bulldanging game which has the motto 'Learn, Laugh and Lie'. I’ve wanted it for years so I was pretty chuffed.

I also got my main combined-birthday-and-Christmas present from Mum. She had decided to get me a digital camera, but she wanted me to hold the one she’d chosen before she bought it, to make sure that the weight and grip were alright for my dodgy right hand. The local shopping centre had special Sunday trading this week (they often get the few Sundays leading up to Christmas) so we slipped down to the camera shop after everyone left, and got my camera. I decided that it would be a bit silly for Mum to then take it and wrap it after I’d already held it, so I got it today. And I have to say, it’s AWESOME. I played with it in the garden this afternoon and took some lovely shots, particularly with the Macro close-up setting. I can’t wait to spend more time playing with it!

Some of the pictures:

Mint leaves


Some sort of berries!

Pretty hanging purple flowers lol

I ought to know the name of these, but it's slipped my mind

Our outdoor entertaining area at the back of our house. Gorgeous, huh?

I love my camera :-D


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