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Sunday, December 30, 2007


Yesterday at work, a customer said what is categorically the strangest thing any customer has ever said to me. I was phoning her up to let her know that her glasses had come in.

Me: Hi, is that Mrs Customer?
Her: Yes?
Me: Hi, it's Christine here from My Workplace in Suburb. I'm just calling to let you know that your glasses are ready to be collected.
Her: Oh, you're working today are you? And just after I've turned my wireless off.
Me: ...
Her: Okay, I'll come in and collect those on Monday. Thankyou, dear.
Me: No worries, we'll see you then.
Her: Bye now *hangs up*
Me: WTF?!

The only hypothesis the five of us (4 girls and a male optom) could come up with was that she meant that she'd just turned her mobile phone ("wireless"?) off and thought I might have tried to call her on that, but we didn't even have a mobile number for her. And that doesn't quite sound right anyway. I say again . . . WTF?


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