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Friday, December 7, 2007


I took 11yo-Sis into the Perth CBD this evening for late night shopping, so that she could get Christmas presents for everyone. This is her first year with an allowance rather than pocket money, so she wanted to purchase the presents herself.

We had a lovely time getting presents for everyone except me lol, and also got her some jeans which she badly needed (Mum is unfashionable and doesn't really dress the kids in anything other than tracksuit pants or shorts and t-shirts and jumpers/jackets, so Sis literally had NO smart trousers of any variety!). She looked awesomely cool in her new jeans :-D

Anyway, we had a great time shopping, got cakes from a cafe as we were leaving, then drove around the city centre several times looking at the various different lights and decorations, then sang Christmas Carols all the way home. We didn't manage to get all of the lyrics right, Sis had a giggle fit during Jingle Bells, and we both cracked up repeatedly while we tried to remember all of the later verses of The Twelve Days of Christmas, and we just basically had fabulous sister-time.

In the car on the way home, Sis observed: "I wouldn't be surprised if this is the happiest I've ever been".



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