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Saturday, December 15, 2007


So. Ahem. After worrying secretly for weeks that I hadn't passed two of my units and would be in real strife because I wouldn't be able to teach next year . . . these are my results:

First Semester Units:
Intro to Teaching: 65%, Credit
Mathematics Curriculum: 75%, Distinction
English Curriculum: Haven't got the mark yet (disorganised ****s!), but I think it'll be a credit
Soc & Env and Science Curriculum: 74%, Distinction

Second Semester / Whole Year Units:
Arts and Phys Ed Curriculum: 63%, Credit
Schools in Context: 71%, Distinction
Special Needs: 77%, Distinction
Learning and Assessment Processes: 78%, Distinction

May School Experience: Ungraded Pass
Preliminary Internship: Ungraded Pass
Professional Internship (Prac plus coursework): 63%, Credit

All credits and distinctions, excepting the Ungraded Passes . . . I'm so hugely relieved I can't say how good it feels! It's over and done, and I not only survived but did so with an average I'm actually not ashamed of, given the trials and tribulations I've been through this year, moving and working and chopping and changing and falling in love.

I'm proud of me! 



Here's to the brand new chapter in your life, and it looks like a good one.

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