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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Oh, Wow . . .

Today I got back an assignment for my Learning & Assessment Processes unit. The assignment was written under huge pressure (it was one of the two I was working on when I had that huge fight with my Mum and that really bad episode of depression which I blogged about). I really didn't want it back because I couldn't even remember what I had written, and I was sure I'd written some sort of garbled nonsense.

Well, I got it back . . . 33 / 35, or 94%! A High Distinction, of course, and to top it off, the workshop leader privately asked me if she could have a copy of it! She didn’t ask anyone else in the class, and although there’s many other classes, that puts me at the top of hers at least. I’m hugely relieved and very chuffed.

And it finally feels like my academic life is snapping into focus. My Credit Pass (ie 60-69%) for the pre-semester unit, and my 70% mark for my first English assignment, were making me feel like a failure, because I was an excellent, high-performing student when I finished university, and I felt like I’d somehow lost something somewhere along the line. These two marks show that it was just a case of getting my assignment techniques up and running again. These are the marks I should be getting!

I’m very, very happy  

I've also finally got a placement for my prac which starts on Monday. It's not at the most convenient school, but it's good enough, and the school itself is in a nice area (mostly middle class and upper middle class families) which will be an interesting contrast to my previous prac which was in a very low socioeconomic area. It's good to get a perspective on different school demographics.


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