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Sunday, May 27, 2007

. . . Well.

So where to start? 

Prac was FANTASTIC. I thoroughly enjoyed it and didn't want my time there to end. I really miss the kids, now, too - I'd got to know them and I wish I was going back to that class again. I'd tell you all about them but it would probably get boring lol. I also wish I could share the interesting names with my namesnerd friends, but that would be unethical. Gah.

I taught five smashing Maths lessons, ran a very successful 5-lesson min-programme in English, taught a bit of SOSE, and otherwise just ran things here and there. Wonderful experience, and I'm feeling very confident about next year now.


Living with my parents is going fine. It's odd to be back in some ways, but normal in others. My bedroom is hilarious though - I'll have to take a picture sometime to show the delightful personality crisis it's having. The single bed (my baby pink pipeline one I had from when I was 11) is covered by my gold-embroidered, $179, very much adult queen bed quilt cover set. This dichotomy is set against a backdrop of two-toned blue walls (from which the dividing strip of wallpaper has mercifully been removed - it was a frieze of buses and cars). And at the window, behind the bed, hangs a set of Toy Story curtains. It looks ridiculous  It used to be my younger brother's room (he's now 9) before my other brother moved out and left his larger room vacant.

But I’m used to the room’s décor inconsistencies now, and otherwise it works very well and fits an astonishing amount of stuff.


I’m really looking forward to this afternoon – my 11-year-old sister has finally decided to get her ears pierced, and since Mum and James are too squeamish, I’m the lucky individual who gets to take her. So we’re going in to the city together later to get them done, and then we’re going shopping for some jewellery. The reason she wants them done now is that her Year 6 Social (a formal dance for the year sixes, in other words) is 6 weeks away, so if she gets them done now, the initial studs can come out just in time for her to wear dangly earrings to her social. So we’re going to find some earrings to match her dress, and something to go in her hair too. The dress is amazing – quite grown up but she’s now got a bit of a figure so she’s really old enough for it. It’s royal purple and she looks smashing. But oh, so grown up!

BtN people: I wish I could post a pic, as you guys have been watching my sister grow up for some time, but I feel too exposed on this blog and on the internet generally these days, especially as sis gets older. But if you’re one of my long-term BtN or real life friends and you’re really curious to see how she’s changed, email me and I’ll send you a pic after the social (the addy is on my blogger profile).


Jemima has mostly settled in to the new place, although she’s not entirely happy as my parents already had a cat, Mia, and she’s been bullying Jem a bit. She’s a big 10-year-old sook who doesn’t want to share her territory lol. But we’re sorting things out by keeping Mia outside during the day (Mia doesn’t hunt) so that Jem can have peace and quiet and access to the food, water and litter tray. Jem sleeps in my room at night, quite often creeping under the covers and snuggling up next to me. Awww!


I got a new job! And just as effortlessly as last time, too. The job at Subway was proving too far away from Mum’s place for me to keep working there, so I went around the local major shopping district with resumes and handed them in anywhere there were “help wanted” signs. That was Tuesday; by Friday I had a job. I’m going to be doing reception / retail sales for a branch of a major chain of optometrists / spectacle dispensers. Any more detail would give away my workplace lol. It’s MUCH better pay ($21/hour before tax compared to $13.50/hour – woohoo!) and far less mucky and annoying. Yay!


I think that’s all for now. I have a week off next, then two weeks in which I have 4 exams. After that, things start to get interesting!


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