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Monday, April 30, 2007

Bright spot

I'm still quite shellshocked about yesterday, but I have had one very cheering thing happen today - I got my first maths assignment back, and the mark was a High Distinction - 18.5 / 20. I was really worried about the assignment because it was based on a set of activities I did with my extremely bright 11yo sister, and since she had no trouble doing the activities I had no problems to observe and discuss! I wasn't sure I'd get above a credit for it and avoided picking it up last week because I was too scared lol. But apparently the lecturer really liked how I’d discussed the activities and built up arguments despite having had a maths whiz as a subject.

It’s truly bizarre that my highest mark so far has been in the subject that was my absolute weakest at school. But if teaching maths is something I can do, it very much makes up for the fact that I can’t do maths itself!


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