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Monday, May 7, 2007

*Blank look*

Just a quick bit of bloggage, because I'm tired beyond comprehension!

Moving took ages with my stepdad's small trailer (3 loads, and it's a 40-minute drive between the two houses!) but we survived and I'm neatly tucked into the little room at my parents' house. I miss my big, comfortable, expensive queen bed though!

Prac looks to be fantastic, my supervising teacher is great and the class (about 28 kids in years 6 and 7) are a nice bunch. We're going on an excursion tomorrow which should be fun.

Internet will be intermittent this week because my stepdad won't have time to put the cable through the ceiling until then, and I can't use the cable-draped-across-the-floor method during the house's busy times of day, nor after the lights are out. But I hope to blog properly tomorrow if I'm not still utterly exhausted.


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