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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Very funny, universe . . .

I was right . . . I was coming down with a virus. 

I should have expected it really. As Tassiegirl astutely pointed out below (thanks for that Tassie *hugs*), I’ve been spending heaps of time with kids, both the prac kids and my own 11yo and 9yo siblings, who go to different schools, so that’s 3 schools’ worth of viruses I’ve been exposed to in the last 3 weeks; and then of course I’m on study break. So as soon as I stopped rushing around, my body went “right, there’s a gap, I can afford to be sick now”, and bam, here I am.

I’ve just taken two panadeine to try to knock out the all-encompassing headache and stomach cramps that are the hallmark of this particular virus, and they’ve made me feel awfully weird, kind of spaced out and dozy. Maybe I should just go to bed, but I can’t be bothered getting changed and I don’t think I can sleep in jeans. Wheeeeeeee . . . .


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