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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Little poem

Last week in my English workshop, which I missed, the rest of the class did simple water colour paintings based on words they pulled out of a hat. Today, we all had to choose a painting that appealed to us, and we were given five minutes to write something creative about it. I chose one which was a soft blue oval ringed by fluffy strokes of red and green, all surrounded by pastel greens and browns. This was my poem:

The park is quiet
No longer soft
The grass shows the stain of summer
Medley of greens and browns

Little lake ripples
Around its shores
In reds and greens, plants cluster
Clinging to their source of life

It turned out that the lady sitting next to me had painted the picture (from the word ‘water’) and she was thoroughly delighted that I’d recognised that the blue bit was a pond, let alone that I’d written something so interesting about it!

All in all, rather a nice class.


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