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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Hints of oddness

This afternoon I went up to Mum’s house to interview my 11-year-old sister to get data for a maths curriculum assignment. On the way back, at the bus station, I saw a guy dressed in a full-body Spiderman suit, mask and hood included. I thought this was a little odd – while Perth has it’s share of strange folk, such complete costumes are not usually involved.

Then, on the bus on the way home, I was trying to read the newspaper over the shoulder of the woman sitting in front of me. While the paper looked exactly like The West Australian, I noticed immediately that headlines like “Easter Rabbit: Not Real” are not commonly part of the West’s repertoire. Then the guy in the Spiderman suit made sense. Today was Prosh day.

Prosh is an annual charity fundraiser run by students at the University of Western Australia, where I did my bachelors and honours. Students from UWA (and students from other unis who have friends at UWA) dress up in costumes or peculiar clothing, parade through the streets of Perth, and spend the day selling their mock newspaper, full of silly or farcical articles, to anyone who will buy it. The event is such an institution that most lecturers and tutors cancel classes for the day so that their students can attend.

In my four years at UWA I never managed to participate in Prosh, mainly due to work commitments but also because of lack of transport and not having friends who were involved in proshing. It’s one of the things I regret having missed out on because I was not as carefree as my still-living-at-home classmates. Never having set foot in the UWA tavern is another indicative regret!

In other news, I got my hair cut yesterday because its length was annoying me. It’s now much shorter, up around my shoulders, and the genius hairdresser managed to cut it so that it bounces and waves instead of hanging limply. I really, really like it. Here’s a photo (not the best, as my hair’s a bit limp from the hot day, but you get the idea):

I’m frantically working on an assignment which is due tomorrow and which I thought was due on Tuesday. I have some philosophising to share but it’ll have to wait!


It looks really good! I've been thinking of growing my hair out to my shoulders, I might use your haircut as a guide for my stylist.

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