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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

So, how am I going?

Whoops, I forgot to update for over two weeks. Sorry guys!

It's the third day of my first prac, which I'm undertaking in a year 6/7 classroom at a local primary school. The kids are aged 10-12 and come from a diverse range of ethnic backgrounds. They're a great bunch of kids and I'm really enjoying my prac so far. I had my two assessments today (I had to teach one group of 6 kids for 20 minutes while being observed by my uni supervisor, and one 40-minute lesson with the whole class while being observed by the classroom teacher). I got nothing but rave reviews from both my supervisor and the teacher, and I'm absolutely over the moon about both assessments. I'm so happy :-D

Jemima has grown a huge amount since I last put a picture of her up - I must snap another one and post it. She's almost cat-sized now, and has even started to settle down a little (but only a little!). She still chases her tail occasionally.

Daniel and I have our 3-month anniversary right after St Valentine's Day, and I'm wracking my brains to think of something good to do that day which is a little bit original, interesting, and suited to our local climate (ie hot weather)! Any suggestions?


Addendum: I just tried to phone my Mum, and my 11-year-old sister picked up the phone and said "come in . . . oops, I mean hello?", then burst into giggles. It was rather cute!


Glad to know things are going well!
I've worked as a teaching assistant, so am much intrested to hear about your teaching practice.

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