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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Oh wow . . .

I can't believe the news I'm about to impart. It's amazing.

You all remember that I had to drop to part-time at uni because I was going to be working or studying every second of every day? Right? Good.

Well, my mother worked out a way that I can study full-time and only have to work 2 days a week. The rest of the money I need will be available. It's perfectly legal lol, I just don't particularly want to give the details, but while it'll mean a debt to pay off in my first two years of teaching, it's manageable and it means I'll be finished at the end of the year! This time next year I'll be teaching!

It comes with the stipulation that I take whatever teaching is offered to me by DET at the start of next year - no matter what the location is - but I'm prepared to do that. I *want* to go country, for the experience, and since I'm currently not attached I don't have to worry about the whole boyfriend-can't-go-too thing! So that's fine.

I'm breathless and half-hysterical with the joy of it. I've re-enrolled in all of the units I'd withdrawn from, and I'm back on course. I'll have to take one unit externally next semester in order to make this semester work, but I can do that easily enough, second semester is relatively light in regular coursework anyway.

Oh wow . . . I haven't felt this amazing since the day I knew I was definitely leaving Sydney for good. All of my other worries were small in comparison to the money worry, and that's just evaporated as I can survive on my weekly allocation of this money for a week or so while a job comes through. Finding a house? No worries. Boy trouble? No worries. It's all better.

Time for a celebratory glass of something, methinks. Mmmm, Bailey's.



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