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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

First week of uni

On Monday I started my 4-week intensive course to kick off the GradDipEd, and I'm really enjoying it so far.

I'm astonished to think how much I've changed since my first year at uni - which was, admittedly, eight years ago. I'm so much more confident and assertive. In the lectures I've been speaking up and answering questions more than any other individual (including one question about how to deal with bright students who answer too many questions in class . . . lol). In our Communication Skills class today I was the only student who didn't say he/she was nervous / hesitant / uncertain about the course. I feel so confident, so certain, and so happy it's bordering on euphoria. I'm having trouble containing the bubbly happiness but I'm trying to keep a grip so that people don't get annoyed with me!

I was a little worried about the fact that I'm being so talkative - I didn't want my classmates to get the impression that I was an arrogant know-it-all. However, I was talking to a girl after our first workshop today, and she said that she was so glad that we didn't have any of the pushy, opinionated, loudmouthed people in our workshop group. I felt vindicated by that! It shows that even though I'm speaking up frequently, I'm doing it in such a way that people are not affronted or threatened by my ability to do so. Yay!

But I'm still a little astonished that I can speak up at all. What happened to the girl who had panic attacks over speaking in front of 10 people, that she can now speak unhesitatingly in a clear, confident voice from the midst of a lecture theatre containing 180 people?

Joneen moved to her placement in the country today, which means that Jemima and I now have the house to ourselves, more or less, until Bec moves back at the end of April. The house feels awfully empty, and Jemima is a bit confused about the empty rooms and the sudden absence of the couch and dining suite! My uncle has offered me a couch and a dining suite, and my grandmother is giving me an old rocker recliner, but I don't know how soon I'll be able to get my hands on them. Until then it's the desk and the beanbag!

I'm going to miss Joneen a lot - I've got used to having her around lol, and while it's quite fun to have the house to myself for a while, I'm sure the novelty will have well and truly worn off after a few weeks of having no one to talk to in the evenings!

But otherwise I'm feeling good. Uni is wonderful, Daniel is wonderful, and I'm happy :-)


Is this a report for your family and close friends? Don't they know this stuff about you already? Who the heck else wants to know all this mundane stuff about your life? How old are you - 12?

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