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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ahh, work . . .

. . . well, not really lol.

I've just had my first two shifts at Subway (8 hours today and yesterday), and my feet are killing me. But on the upside, I'm enjoying working there. It's a pleasant relief to be doing something where I just follow instructions and don't have to be in charge or make decisions! There's been far too many tricky, laden decisions in my life lately, as my poor overloaded blog will attest.

The good news is that it's a fun place to work, the other girls are nice and one in particular is likely to be a good friend.

The prospective share house is looking more and more positive - the other girl who lives there and I are now exchanging emails more like friends than prospective housemates, including exchanging pictures of our cats :-D We also discovered that her friend and my cousin both teach in the same small town. That’s Western Australia for you! Two degrees of separation in every direction lol.

So in general my mood is up. Things are sorting themselves out, the rough ride is levelling out, and it'll all be calm again fairly soon. And I’ve got so much to be grateful for – continuing friendships with old friends, the steadfast love of my wonderful family, a great new job, a wonderful new course of study, and of course all these new friends. This is going to be a great year.

I do feel very sad for one person though - the person who keeps trolling my blog with false, negative comments designed only to hurt me and drag me down. No doubt this person (and I have a fair idea who it is, but no names . . .) has seen my online persona on a bad day, or days, and is extrapolating that experience into my real life and real personality. Like most generalisations and assumptions, their comments are laughably inaccurate, and I can therefore take them philosophically. But I feel so bad for this person. They must be in a terrible place in their life if they feel that they can only see value in their own existence when they attempt to hurt me. Thankfully, I know it’s no one I know in real life, just someone off the internet who obviously thinks they’re vastly more knowledgeable about me than they really are.

I’ve got tomorrow off then it’s Monday and I’m back to classes again. It’s going to take a few weeks to get used to this study-work-rest-study-work-rest rhythm again. I thought I’d left that behind many years ago! But you never can tell where life is going to take you.


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