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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Should've . . .

Last night I remembered that I had sleeping tablets that were actually antihistamines, which is exactly what I've needed for trying to sleep with this rash the last few nights! So I took one.

It worked. I can't complain about that. I dropped off promptly at 10:30pm, slept through, and the rash is right down today and prickling less. No complaints there.

But I really, really wish I'd only taken half a tablet. I woke up feeling totally hung over, and I've been off kilter all day. I kept having to sit down at school to rest because I was giddy and faint. I got through the afternoon (watching the kids do their swimming lessons) by sitting very still, and managed to pull myself together for our class' parent meeting after school (about half the parents showed up, 11 families). Then I stumbled home. I've managed to cook dinner (and absentmindedly ate too much and feel icky now) but I feel like someone has been hitting me with a beanbag - foggy, dopey, sleepy, somewhat smothered.

I guess it'll be an early night for me!


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