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Sunday, February 22, 2009

400th Post :)

I've got a lot done today, more than I expected, and I'm feeling quite successful. I tidied my bedroom, swept and mopped most of the floors, did three loads of washing, made my rest-of-the-week lunch casserole, cleared all the 'stuff' out of my car, detailed the inside and washed the outside, and started my uni work for the semester, successfully writing two programs in C (my first ever code!! YAY!).

I'm a bit tired and sore but so pleased with the amount I've got done. And I'm excited about getting the laptop - I've been trying to use my PC the last few days, and its internet connection has become extremely unreliable and it's soooo slow, and the screen tracking has become really laggy and awful. Mum was horrified when I told her how little RAM it's got (only 736 MB, and that's AFTER having scraped together extra for it a few years ago o_O). It's a five year old machine that's been tinkered with to give it a bit of extra life, but it's nearly at the end of it's usefulness. I'll sell the screen (it's a flatscreen so it should be saleable) and give the tower to the "8 Ball" programme at uni, which donates computers to financially disadvantaged students. It's fine for basic word processing for someone who can't afford anything else and is desperate! It's certainly a thousand times better than the one I had in first-year uni lol. But I need something faster now. I'm thinking of a Toshiba Satellite L300 at the moment, pending reviews and advice!


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