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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Sometimes my brain sucks :(

Yesterday I sent an email to the Archaeology school at UWA asking for information about possible excursions about our term theme. The email I got back was from a girl I knew during my time there who has now got a job with the department. I was reflecting on who else had been around at the time and what I could tell her about where everyone had got to. And my thought ran "X has just had a baby, Y is married, both of them are still archaeologists . . . " and felt like I'd been kicked in the stomach. Most of my archaeology cohort have made it in archaeology, and a lot of them are married and/or have kids. I've changed careers and have neither. Go me.

I know, I KNOW. Different people, different paths, and I need to make peace with mine. But right now I feel like a complete failure, y'know?


(((hugs))) ~ Arcadia
(((hugs))) ~ Arcadia

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